Sunday Happenings

Good morning & happy Sunday!

I tried to take a family selfie before church this morning and apparently it just wasn’t happening for someone… ha! This is the best we got:


Glad we made it out the door though, because church this morning was exactly what I needed. I wonder if this ever happens to anyone else- you show up and hear EXACTLY what you needed to hear? Yeah, that was this morning. Loved that.


Sometimes (okay almost always) I over analyze things. I want to think and reason and figure things out. Things need to make complete sense to me before I feel okay about something. I feel like I need to understand things 100%. Well, that’s not how we were made. We can’t possibly understand all there is to know, or the why behind everything. We weren’t designed to- or we would!

Sometimes we just need to slow down and just BE. It’s okay to be content to experience the mysteries of this world and not understand them fully. None of us do.

And quite frankly? Over analyzing things all the time is exhausting.

{Maybe you needed to hear this message today too 🙂 }


Left church to come home for lunch, which was veggie burgers on everything bagels and not pictured (you are welcome) because mine was 90% ketchup and pickles and just not pretty #thebabymademedoit. Also a side of these, which Zach and Ellie are obsessed with:

Anybody else love Veggie Straws?

and I’m sure the rest of the day will probably involve naps, cleaning, laundry and of course tonight there will be some Game of Thrones viewing after Ellie goes to bed! #winterishere

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 🙂

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