Friday Favorites- Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Linking up this Friday to share some favorites from this week!


First and foremost, my number one favorite was my doctor appointment this Wednesday. I loved getting to hear Baby Bronis’ little heartbeat! Everything is going smoothly and as it should at this time, and I just couldn’t be any more grateful. I have been feeling him moving around more and more, and while Zach hasn’t been able to feel him move from the outside yet, I’m thinking that will be happening soon. #23weeks

Okay! Moving on to some more superficial favorites 😉 These ones are just FUN! I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each year, and love scoring some cute stuff on major discount. This year was no exception!

The cutest little shopping buddy you ever did see!
  1. Zella Leggings! After hearing glowing reviews about Zella leggings for a long time, I finally purchased a pair of plain black ones last year and I’m happy to report they’ve lived up to the hype. So this year I picked up two super cute pairs!! I got THESE and THESE.
  2. One of my favorite Youtube/instagrammers that I have watched for years has a cute little girl Ellie’s age, and has started using the absolute most beautiful LV backpack instead of a purse and I love that. I love the idea of being hands free and feel like a backpack would be more comfortable to carry around. Sadly this one is just a tiiiiny bit out of my price range at the moment (ha!) but I did find this super cute one and wasted no time adding it to my online cart! I really like the look of it, and I’m hoping I like it just as much when it arrives!
  3. Sunnies! I HATE spending a lot of money on sunglasses, because I have an awesome track record of breaking, scratching, or losing them. So sunglasses at this price point are perfect for me- I got these and these.
  4. A sleep mask! This was definitely a random purchase, but Zach bought me a sleep mask around the time I graduated nursing school and went on night shift (sleeping during the day was hard for me!) and while I thought I might never use it, I couldn’t be more wrong! To this day, if I am napping during the day, you better believe I have that sleep mask on! I saw this one and decided it was probably about time for a new one 😉 The copper infused threads intrigued me- we’ll see if I notice any difference!
  5. This necklace and these stud earrings. Typically, I don’t mind spending a little extra on jewelry because they just hold up better and there’s no risk of it tarnishes/turning your skin green which let’s just all agree is the worst. However, I thought these were cute and at the price and with the guarantee of free shipping and returns I threw them in my online cart.

And that’s it! I didn’t opt for any clothes or shoes this year because I will just go ahead and wait until Baby Jacob gets here and see what I need then, when I’m not pregnant/swollen.

I am contemplating adding a few things to give away as gifts this holiday season, but I won’t be posting about that in case any of those people are reading this 🙂

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Rodan+Fields to my favorites.

This is the regimen that I personally have been using!

I just love love love what the products are doing for my skin and I also love the little community of gals (and guys!) that I am connecting with- it truly is the BEST! (seriously, if you have any questions about products or your skin or anything else reach out to me! I’d love to help!)


Aaaand I think that about sums things up. Hope everyone has the best weekend!!


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