A baby naming saga

From the moment we found out we were pregnant with Ellie, she had a name. This time around? Well, it hasn’t been as easy!

22 weeks and growing!

There has been one that Zach has liked from the very beginning (it was actually our ‘boy’ name that we had picked out when we were pregnant with Ellie), but I just wasn’t sold on it. We went through hundreds of names, none seemed right! Then there was a name I was stuck on, for like a week, that I thought was going to be it. But Zach didn’t care for it and quickly the name moved to that ever expanding ‘no’ category for me too.

We’ve had some input from certain people (no, Mom, we aren’t naming him Titus!), and have had to rule out names we liked because they were already ‘used’ by some family members. Through all this, he has just been “Little Man” or “Boy Bronis” to us.

Then one day recently Zach was on a walk to the park with Ellie and was talking to her about the baby. He goes, “Yeah and do you know what’s in mommy’s tummy?” And Ellie said, “Bro-ver!!” And then, clear as day, she said a name.

Zach said he was stunned. It was the name he has liked all along, but he didn’t think we ever really talked about it much in front of Ellie, and it definitely would have been only one of MANY that she has heard.

So he asked her to repeat it. She said it again.

Aaaaand that folks? Is how baby boy Bronis finally got a name.


Jacob Zachary Bronis, we love you SO much already, and cannot wait to meet you!



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