Weekend Recap!

Hey guys! How was your weekend? As usual, ours went way too fast!

Friday night we stayed in, made dinner, put Ellie to bed, and watched John Wick 2 before we both passed out. I thought it was okay, despite how ridiculous the John Wick movies are to me (speeding car crashing into your Porsche? taking on and killing 100 men and then being able just walk away? killing a guy with a pencil? No problem! {insert eye roll emoji here} ) I will say that Zach liked it 🙂

Saturday we slept in, and then took Ellie to hang out with her Grandma while we grabbed some lunch. I know you parents out there can relate- at a certain age it is just preferable to avoid restaurants entirely than risk subjecting an entire restaurant to some special behavior. ha! So it was nice to be able to grab some tex mex and talk like regular adults for a little bit 😉


Afterwards, we perused Barnes & Noble

I swear I could spend hours here!

After that, I hit up Charming Charlie’s


I hadn’t been here in forever, but they honestly had so many cute things! I told Zach I was just running in for a minute, but ended up staying just a little longer than that. Oops!

I got these cute tassel earrings and got all the way home before realizing they were clip ons?! So now I’m wondering if it’s worth the time and effort to take them back, or if I should just keep them. I’ve never worn clip ons before, so I worry they might just fall off randomly throughout the day? I don’t know! What do you think?!

After Charming Charlie’s, we headed to Trader Joe’s, before picking up Ellie and heading home.

I finished this book, and thought it was pretty interesting and definitely a quick little inspiring read.

“Don’t be scared. We’re all going to die, it’s just a question of when and how – so be brave! You will never regret trying to fulfill your dream!” Amen, sister! This quote just spoke to me.

The rest of the day was spent doing some work online, playing outside, and taking a walk to the park.

Love these two so much!

That evening, Zach and I watched the movie “Get Out”. Honestly, I was thinking that it would be cheesy and terrible, but I actually thought it was pretty entertaining. Definitely creepy!

And this week, like last week, our Sunday was pretty lazy!

I did some more online work for my new Rodan + Fields adventure!! If you missed my post about this last week, you can catch it HERE!

And that pretty much sums up our weekend! We have a pretty JAM PACKED week ahead of us, so we kept our weekend pretty low key. Hope everyone’s weekend was great as well and that your Monday is off to a fantastic start!

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