Friday Favorites!

I am SO EXCITED about today’s post, because it has been one I’ve thought about making for awhile now. So actually getting to share this? That’s definitely a favorite! And this week it is my one and only favorite!!

(This post might be just a tad bit on the lengthy side, so you might want to take a second right this minute to grab a cup of coffee, maybe a light snack, and get comfortable. We have a lot to talk about!)

Ready? Okay, let’s get right into it. Time for a little heart to heart:


I have been interested in skincare since I was a teenager- probably since I was 13 years old. That’s when I was blessed with puberty and all the hormones and acne that came along with it. To be completely open, acne is something that has affected my life in a very big way for a very long time.

I have seen dermatologists since I was a teenager. I have taken prescription strength acne medication. I have cried countless tears and spent countless amounts of money not only on every skincare line under the sun, but on expensive makeup to cover up as much of my humiliation as I could. I’ve done this ever since I was a young teen.

I remember being at sleepovers and refusing to wash my face before bed, because I was too horrified by how my face looked after washing all that makeup off. And so I wouldn’t, and then of course, I would wake up the next morning in smeared, day old make up with my pores more clogged than ever. And yet, that still seemed better than the alternative.

Now in my late 20’s, I have gone to dermatologist for acne medication, skin assessments, and even to have a suspicious spot removed (not cancer, thank God!). My skin is better than when I was a teen, but I still break out. I still have not only the emotional scars as a reminder of how bad my acne used to be, but the physical facial scarring as well. And to top it off? Now that I’m nearing 30, I’m also seeing those wonderful signs of lines and wrinkles starting to crop up on my face.

Because my skin has affected my life for a long time now, it has become a huge interest of mine. I am very scientifically oriented. It’s just how my brain works. That, and my genuine love for helping and connecting with others, is why I became a nurse. It’s why I got my bachelor’s of science degree. I like things that are logical and make sense. I like to research, and as far as skincare goes, I research and try new things constantly.

Through my research, I discovered Rodan + Fields awhile back. I read some great things about how it was founded by the same two doctors that founded Proactiv (full disclosure: I tried Proactiv as a teen and it did NOT work for me. Skincare is so personal and the one size fits all regimen just didn’t cut it for my sensitive teenage skin). I read more about these doctors though- how these two Harvard educated dermatologists launch this whole different line of skincare in 2002, and how they were still in business today.

I read about how these products started out as best sellers in places like Nordstrom, before the doctors took a direct marketing approach to selling their products. As I read more about these women and their products I found myself really wanting to try them.

Buuut, they were expensive. And direct marketing seems scary if you aren’t used to that approach. I’ve heard it called ‘predatory’ before and that’s honestly a connotation I think a lot of people have.

Then, I met Amy at bible study one Wednesday morning at church. Not only was she full of energy and excitement each week, not only was her skin glowing, but she kept talking about this Rodan + Fields company…

Through long talks with her, and through her opening up the world of R +F to me (probably the most NON scary environment under the sun, everyone is SO nice, and SO genuinely excited about these products!) and through a little more research about these products on my own, and what exactly made them unique and special, I have now decided to become a consultant.

It’s not to make money off of family and friends. It’s just because skin care is SUCH A PASSION for me, and when you find something that you are genuinely passionate about, that could also help support a growing family, it is a no brainer. It’s the best feeling ever, because suddenly you get to talk about something you are passionate about all the time -with ALL THE PEOPLE! 😉

(Seriously though for a second, I want to encourage you. If there is anything like that in your life, anything you are passionate about, anything that gets you excited, please take a step towards doing something with that. It’s the best. I think that is where genuine happiness comes from…) 

A selfie I snapped in the car yesterday on my way to picking up Ellie after getting my hair cut (that is another favorite, but I’ll post more fun hair pictures next week!:)) My skin has come a long way, but it’s a process. And something I’m working on.

With that being said, to say that I’m feeling nervous right now is an understatement. Just writing this post makes me want to cry. I don’t want people to think I’m pushy or brain washed or just trying to make money off of them. I’m not. If that were the case, I would have joined any old direct sales company a long time ago. You would have seen posts by me trying to sell you everything under the sun. I haven’t. I have never been interested in direct sales, at all, ever.

Rodan + Fields is  just different.

You may see posts from me in the coming weeks and months about R +F, either here or on facebook, and if it is not your jam I totally get that. Unfollow me (or delete me if you really want to). But if you are curious at ALL, I’d love to talk with you. Even if you don’t buy anything from me. 

Yes, even if you don’t buy anything from me. I still like talking about skincare, I still like talking about products, and the nurse in me still likes talking about your health and things that could be effecting your skin. (I’ll probably remind you to wear sunscreen and get your yearly skin checks at a dermatologist – just a fair warning! haha!)

Anyway, if you are still reading this: Thank you! Thanks for sticking around this long and taking the time to hear me talk about something so personal (and exciting!)

I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at, at this point in my life now. And I am excited about all the things coming in the very near future!

r and f

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