A Case of the Mondays

Over the weekend many of the kids in Ellie’s daycare and even our daycare lady came down with the stomach bug. So today, I stayed home from work and kept Ellie home from daycare just as a precaution. Because ain’t nobody got time for that horrible sickness! Just praying at this point that we don’t get it.

I’d like to say we slept in, but let’s be real. I have a very active toddler and she was up at 6:30am (thanks kid).

We ate breakfast, and then I did a quick 20 minute workout on the treadmill.


I used to run on the treadmill ALL.OF.THE.TIME. I even did several half marathons on the treadmill. But that was before I had Ellie, and now I’m struggling to get back into running in general, and the dreadmill just isn’t always something I look forward to. I’ve found that little workouts like this help make things more tolerable.


You can find a ton of different ones of these online. Usually I just search Pinterest until I find one that I like. The endorphins from this workout sure helped get me going.

After that, we got ready and hit up a local kids consignment sale where I got Ellie a bunch of clothes for this spring and summer.

Then we perused Targets and bought ALL the snacks, because this mama was hangry (hungry+angry). Grocery shopping hungry OR hangry is never a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you want to spend an extra $50 in snacks that you don’t need 😉

On that note, I wonder if anyone has tried these? I thought they looked super interesting, but I thought they were just okay, I think I prefer the original ones.17077774_10208786052110794_662789179_n

We came home, put away groceries, ate lunch, and Ellie went down for a nap.

After little miss woke up, we had a snack, and then took a walk to the park for a little bit of fresh air and exercise.


When we got back I started dinner, and once Zach got home we ate.


Fresh veggies & dip, Balsamic glazed brussel sprouts, roasted golden potatoes, and grilled BBQ chicken were what was for dinner.

Once Ellie was in bed, Zach and I whipped out some of those above mentioned snacks and started watching The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story on Netflix. I have to admit, I am already sucked into this story. Pretty compelling so far.


We’ll see how long we are both able to stay awake and watch 😉 Our bedtime around here gets earlier all the time. #lameparents

Tomorrow I am going back to work and Ellie is headed to daycare. Say a little prayer for us that we stay healthy!




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